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presentation for aesthetics (critique to follow)

flash presentation of david davies’ art as performance:


flash presentation of janet wolff’s social production of art:


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This entry was posted on February 23, 2011 by in Art Theory and Aesthetics and tagged , , , , , .



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I try to go no shopping as a general rule. But The Cocoa Trees was hard to resist. They have this buy 3 get 1 free going. #gamerchef and I went a little jelly bean crazy. #jellybean #jellybelly #travel #singapore Spread your wings and prepare to fly... #travel #singapore Finally done checking in. Took about an hour. Now its breakfast time. A little dull but it ought to do for now. #gamerchef better have great food ideas waiting. Lel. #travel Do you play? #gamerchef at the museum. #museum When you're stressed out of your mind, sometimes you need to step back and sign out. Do errands, take yourself out to a nice lunch and coffee, then get your hair done. Nap. Breathe. Now back to the drawing board. #moment Catharsis my darling. #moment
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