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presentation for aesthetics (critique to follow)

flash presentation of david davies’ art as performance:


flash presentation of janet wolff’s social production of art:


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This entry was posted on February 23, 2011 by in Art Theory and Aesthetics and tagged , , , , , .



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Hoot hoot! Owl was hiding this time. #coloringbook #adultcoloringbook #enchantedforest #johannabasford Funky color combination for this piece. I definitely need more coloring pencils. #coloringbook #adultcoloringbook #enchantedforest #johannabasford Homecooked lunch. Sautéed garlic in extra virgin olive oil. Added sliced sausages. Then added some butter, basil, thyme, and a bit of salt and pepper. Tossed in some corn. Then finally added leftover rice. Sprinkled some cayenne pepper for a bit of kick. Lazy, leftover turned into a meal #lunch. #homecooked #homecooking One of the few places to get Bandung in Manila. Really love rose flavor. Zentea offers an add-on that you can't opt-out of, sp we tried changinf the pearls into pudding. Its much better this way because its less sweet, and you taste the rose more. #bandung #rose #tea Corn and mushroom curry served with Ifugao tinawon rice. Quiet Sunday. #curry #dinner So cold here, craved matcha latte. Also, had to google what tochiotome is. This chococro is yummy. Filling reminds me of Meiji strawberry chocolates from my childhood. #gamerchef #tochiotome #pastry #café
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