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Further into the Renaissance and Mannerism

August was full of disruptions, rains, floods, and even illnesses. But hopefully, we leave all that now. As August ends, we also end our lessons in Renaissance. This time, we will explore the High Renaissance into Mannerism. The influence of the state and private individuals heighten, affecting the style and mood of the times.

High Renaissance displays an excellence and height of technique, but with obvious cool and restraint. Mannerism took on the techniques of Renaissance, but exaggerated and contorted it. The social, religious and political upheavals are just beginning here. The twists and turns of the bodies reflects the twists and turns of artistic developments.

Here are the links to the lectures:

High Renaissance


The School of Athens by Raphael

Bacchus and Ariadne, Titian

An Allegory with Venus and Cupid, Agnolo Bronzino

The Rape of the Sabines, Giambologna

The Madonna of the Long Neck, Girolamo Francesco

The Burial of Count Orgaz, from a Legend of 1323, El Greco

Water, Giuseppe Arcimboldo

And look, indeed, it is. Courage and begin the work!

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