Portia Placino

Repository of my thoughts and images of art, literature, travel, and life.


Please e-mail me at contact@portiaplacino.com.

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  1. vtn
    February 8, 2012

    contact us

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Caution, danger. Thanks #gamerchef. Wine and pasta night. #gamerchef #wine #pasta #food #foodie Egg curry is love. #gamerchef #curry #food #foodie It's the end of classes, but not necessarily the end of this very long semester. Opening salvo of another hot Manila day--brownie, mango, and coffee with milk. #breakfast #food #foodie Feels like I'm opening a kiddie snack pack. Cheese cupcake and soy chocolate milk. #snack #food #foodie #soy Blueberry bagel with cream cheese. And coffee. Ah, morning! #breakfast #food #foodie #bagel
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