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freestyle concert

kids, for adults only. hehehe

kids, for adults only. hehehe

One comment on “freestyle concert

  1. jean camille cadacio
    October 30, 2009

    ka chhezy aman nina mam haidi jeje cute nyo

    hmmm ngle2dge dn aman eh


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This entry was posted on October 18, 2009 by in Random Writings.



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The world is a terrible place full of horrible people. Our bright spot for today is a tupperware full of chewy oatmeal cookies. I made a double recipe for our snack time. I also discovered that Presto Cream uses fish oil in their filling and I can't give it to our kiddo as a back-up cookie. Yikes. Home baked is still the best. #baking
Urban edible garden. I grew them from kitchen scraps and I'm so happy that they are growing. But now, I think they badly need some replanting. I am nervous about that. I also need to BUY SOIL asap. Tips? Are they big enough to get replanted? (1) mungo has flowers! (2) ampalaya is starting to crawl (3) bell peppers are growing (4) tomatoes are growing as well (5) I am not sure if this is ampalaya again or eggplant? (6) kamote is forming a forest, how soon can we eat talbos? Lol. (7) I still don't know what to do with the honeydew melon, but they are definitely growing fast! (8) butternut squash was huge when it popped out of the seed! Will it grow? (9) sayote is definitely growing bigger and taller (10) gardening group told me this is papaya, how do I take care of a papaya tree??? #gardening
The post is a little late, but I am back to baking cookies! Lovely, chewy, white chocolate chip cookies! I used spelt flour and muscovado sugar, so it looks a little different. I am also out of dark chocolate chips, so I'm on my dwindling white chocolate chips. Will need to replenish supplies in a few weeks. Yikes. But homemade cookies are the best. Yum. #baking
I think someone would actually enjoy a drum set. Lol. #toddlerplay #toddlernarratives
How this morning was spent. I didn't capture it on video, but she said this was "mountain, mountain." She learned that word when we were in Lucban, visiting her Lola. She knows Lola lives near the mountain and she misses her. Sigh, someday again. Also, yay to fine motor skills, attention to details, and attention span! Old school play. #toddlerplay #toddlernarratives
#gamerchef has been experimenting with new dishes so he can expand our vegetable repertoire. This banana heart teriyaki fried rice is such a success! Little one loved it. So now, we can include banana hearts in our vegetable orders. Last night, he added okra to a stir fry. It was still yummy, but the slimy texture is still there, so I'm not a big fan. Little one refused to touch the okra. Now we discover okra also dries up quite fast, so not adding okra to the list. I wonder what vegetables we can to our list... #toddlerfood
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