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demo teaching

kids, wish me luck for the demo-teaching tomorrow. hope i still have a job after this. hehehe. given the subject matter.

xoxo see you at the third floor of the dev com building october 28, 1pm

goodluck to all of us


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This entry was posted on October 22, 2009 by in Humanities Notes, Random Writings.



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Here's a funny photo of kitty kat. We kinda accidentally adopted her some time ago when she followed Daddy and little one home from their walk. She wouldn't stop meowing so we figured she was hungry. After we fed her, she was just here all the time. Such a sweet cat who always wants to hang out with us. Later on, we figured out she already had humans, but they have several cats and she gets bullied by the other cats. We had to fend off these bully cats who sometimes follow her here. So I guess that's why she liked it here so much, she can just chill. She also guards the little one on her many walks and jaunts outside. When she didn't ask for food a few days ago, we thought she just went home to her original humans and gave birth there. But our help had bad news, kitty kat got bumped by a car and she ran away. Then, the help informed us that she was found dead under a van. We just found out today and we are heartbroken. We'll miss our sweet little kitty kat, I suppose there is always food and no bullies on the rainbow bridge. She chose us and gave us joy, I hope she is peaceful now. #kittykat
Thanks for playing and hanging out with us guys, its been ages! Grateful for the fun normal-ish game time that we haven't had in a looong time. Things change when a baby comes, so we're really happy when we're not just Mommy and Daddy at times. We're also planeswalkers who love to deal some damage and create chaos. More moments like this please. Also, Jigglypuff here was a Kor Soldier and she is powerful! :) #mtg #edh #magicthegathering
Morning chaos, then morning nap... Tantrums are tiring, yes? Lol. #babynarratives
She's been fighting sleep so strongly for a while now. Such a wilfull toddler! But water play plus kiddie park equals to a tired toddler. Lol. I don't know how we can keep that pace up too though, I am downright exhausted. Toddlering is tough! #babynarratives
Mommy's turn to play. She loves riding that green car! Also, this is tiring. Lol. I think this is more Daddy's thing. Also discovered that she likes red velvet muffins by Classic Confections. Whew, bebe starting to steal Mommy food!!! #babyplay #babynarratives
Water play and banana snack for the little one who misses school sooo much! We'll do more activities little one, lot's of mess and lot's of fun! #babyplay #babyfood #babynarratives
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