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universal code of conduct

universal law enforcer’s code of conduct


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This entry was posted on May 13, 2010 by in Criminology Notes.



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4th anniversary with the big fat cat. #gamerchef says ish really heavy. Lol. Cat thinks he is a nice, warm bed. #cat #catsofinstagram 4th anniversary. The road to 5th unfolds... #gamerchef #anniversary #gifts Big basket! #sashimi #maki #japanese #dinner You may not always get what you want, but you may still get something awesome anyway. Looking forward to 2018 already. Dreaming of #seoul again. #art #residency Was supposed to shop for presents because we realized how crazy December actually is. But first stop was to pick out chocolates that I can consume, basically, nothing too sweet or sugary. #gamerchef picked these out along with a giant bag of walnuts that I can safely snack on. Finding healthy sweets and snacks with minimal added sugar and/or oil is not the easiest thing in Manila. #sweets #snacks #manila With multiple sensitivities and allergies between us, we ended up with a bunch of natural products. This started with shampoos and is now expanding... After much chika with Zen Ate, she even gave us a nice freebie (All is Well salve). Not an endorser, but their products really work and are at a reasonable price point. Lalala. #stuff #gamerchef
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