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first photo from point and shoot sony cybershot


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This entry was posted on December 11, 2010 by in Photography.



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Is it bed weather again? Unfortunately for Leia, bed weathers are challenging. She does not like the sound of rain. She's a spring/summer child. #babynarratives Photo by Picture Company
This was Leia at 2 months. Finally managed to bring her to a photo studio. I wanted a newborn photoshoot but it didn't quite work out like I wanted. She did not cooperate much during the photoshoot actually, but they did manage to get some cute shots regardless. Maybe we'll get another shoot when she can manage to sit. I think our little one would like to explore space while fighting the dark side. Lol. #babynarratives
Our little one is 12 weeks old, I can hardly believe it. Her hands and fingers fascinate her, and she recently discovered her feet. She also likes feeling our pillows and looking at the patterns of the pillowcases. She's our adorable one and she's growing too fast. Yet, she still cries when Daddy is away. #babynarratives
Took this a few days ago... Once you get over the fact that a crying baby is stressful, it becomes really funny. Look at that face. Lol. She does smile, but its easier to photograph the crying. Smiles disappear after a second, cries usually last a while. #babynarratives
Earlier today, I was so exhausted from cluster feeding that I just plopped her down on the bed next to me right after. How did she become so big? She used to be sooo small, though I had trouble lifting her post-op. So big and heavy, but she's just 11 weeks old. #babynarratives
Growth spurt, wonder week, or both? Exhausting. Finally gave in to a nap after cluster feeding 5 times in the course of the morning. I'd be concerned about my milk supply but she was producing enough wet and dirty nappies. She's just really, really hungry. Far from easy and made more difficult by my headache and slight fever. 11 weeks and 4 days old, whew. #babynarratives
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