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Philippine Art in the Nation Building Period (pre-war)

cinema in the time of nation building

music in the time of nation building


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This entry was posted on January 31, 2011 by in Art History, Philippine Art and tagged , , , , , .



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Someone loves her butter bread. #babyfood #babynarratives
Today's lunch was okunomiyaki. It's a Japanese savory pancake. Sooo yummy!!! #gamerchef outdones himself yet again. This can be pricey when you eat out, so yay for tipid hits. We also replace ordinary flour with protein rich ones, this time we used spelt flour. Little one loves this treat. Plenty of protein and vegetables for her. Downside are the dishes, but sooo worth it. #lunch #babyfood
When will my life begin? Our Happy Feet dancing to Tangled. Lol. Yes, its a bit of screentime once in a while. #babyplay #babynarratives
Mega blocks scene from the party. The objective of the game was for the kids to get mega blocks and for the parents to build a tower. But as I was teaching her to put back her toys before the game, she refused to take the blocks to the collection point. Lol. She kept on leaving them where she took them from. Then she just made her own tower. It was so funny. I heard some kids from the morning class did the same. She has similar blocks at home, so I guess she just wanted to build her own tower. One thing about kids is that they will play their own games, that's how they learn. So adorable. #babyschool #babyplay #babynarratives
Circle time at the acquaintance party. Fun times for the babies. Or challenging, depending on how you will see it. #babyschool #babynarratives
On cam: cute tooth brushing video. Off cam: sooo much crying coz I took the toothbrush away. Toddler life. Laugh & cry. #babynarratives
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