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Portia’s Casket (Stumbling into) | Voices News for the Week of August 17

This is a repost of my weekly column at The Shakespeare Standard. See the original article and comments here.

Looking, searching, and many times, just stumbling.

Sometimes, you don’t have to look too hard to find Shakespeare. You’d be surprised; Shakespeare will just come and find you.

Ty Cacek/The New York Times. Underground theatre: Paul Marino, with beard, and Fred Jones perform a scene from “King Lear” in the subway.

Lead Subway. Do not be afraid if you suddenly find two guys screaming scenes from Romeo and Juliet on the New York Subway, no, they are not insane; yes, it is illegal; and yes, they still do it anyway. Claudia La Rocco tells the story of Fred Jones and Paul Marino as they create an underground theater and perform Shakespearean plays such as Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet. Bringing theatre to the people was exhausting work but has become their main source of income, aside from the much applause. They let their voices be heard from the underground, reminding people of the bard and his plays. No, you don’t need to spend too much money, or any really, to enjoy Shakespeare.

Golden Casket. Inspiring as Jones’ and Marino’s stories are, some theatres are suffering some financial cut backs according to Misha Berson. Though Shakespearean plays, such as those by Oregon Shakespeare Festival are spared from such difficulties, it is still a major issue in the theatrical world. Berson writes, “If theater is, as Shakespeare declared, a mirror held up to nature, wouldn’t it be grand to not just see a few faces reflected in the glass — but sometimes, also, a crowd? Yes, in this financial winter of our discontent, it seems like a distant dream for any playwright to dare that. But artists should always be encouraged to dream big.” Now, if only it is as simple as selling that golden casket to provide financial backing…

Lottery. Though money is not always the problem for some, “Neither a borrower, nor a lender be.” Maybe we can just find more things for free? Just like Portia’s lottery of a love life, lucky ones can avail of tickets for Shakespeare Theatre Company’s free performances for Julius Caesar. As traditionally practiced since 1991, they give free performances to the public once a year. Tickets can be availed via an online lottery or by simply arriving early, as there are 200 tickets reserved for the standby line. More public Shakespeare, whether on the underground, the streets, the park and even in the comfort of the theatre; the bard is becoming a part of our everyday life more and more, and you don’t even have to worry about the costs, just don’t forget to pay with applause.

Of lead dreams and successes. We can always start with dreaming big, and then we can be very surprised to what it can bring us. Oregon Shakespeare Festival celebrates their 75th Anniversary with WillFul, named after and inspired by the bard, it is “a different sort of theatrical creature. Instead of sitting and watching it in one of the festival’s comfortable theaters, audiences will take a journey, moving from place to place, watching scenes unfold in a park, on a loading dock, on the stairwell of a parking garage. And though the actors are working from a script and telling a story, the show’s method — and its goal — is less about delivering a narrative than shaping a communal experience.” I wonder how much Shakespeare would enjoy a new interpretation of theatre rooting from his own innovations and bringing it closer to the people.

Alla Dreyvitser/The Washington Post

Interpretations. Is there a right or wrong interpretation? To cut or not to cut, that is the question.The Washington Post explores that very debate. Is it really better to cut in modern Shakespearean for more understandable interpretations? Or do we need everything so we can fully appreciate Shakespeare? What would bring it closer to the people? On the other hand, would the meaning be lost because of the cuts? The article cites, “If you can’t follow at all why something’s funny, then I’m going to cut it,” Posner says, “because I’m not interested in the theory of why it’s funny.”

Tragedies. Alexa Rae Smahls reports that UCLA students in Shakespeare travel study program unaffected by London riots. Meanwhile, Sylvia Morrisprovides Shakespearean reading on the London Riots as  she sees Richard III in Bill Bratton’s statement, “In a country that loves gardening, you fully appreciate the idea if you don’t weed a garden, that garden is going to be destroyed – the weeds are going to overrun it. Similarly for social disorder: if you don’t deal with those minor crimes, they’re going to grow. What also grows is fear, the most destructive element in any civilised society.”

Why should we …
Keep law and form and due proportion,
Showing as in a model our firm estate,
When our sea-walled garden, the whole land,
Is full of weeds, her fairest flowers choked up,
Her fruit trees all unpruned, her hedges, ruined,
Her knots disordered, and her wholesome herbs
Swarming with caterpillars.

Closed Casket. Some caskets deemed not to be opened. One of this is of the bard himself. Ojeme Usiahon, a Nigerian artist, expresses his opposition to the plans of exhuming Shakespeare from his tomb. The inscription on the tomb specifically states, “Good friends for Jesus sake forebear to dig the dust enclosed heare, blest be the man that spare the stone, cursed be he that moves my bones.” Usiahon argues that, “Though others have been wondering what difference it makes to the remains, since Shakespeare is already dead, someone even said will there have been any controversy if he weren’t so popular. But my great respect to this living legend is that could it be that their (scientists) purpose is to determine the value of his remains? Can the value of his remains outweigh any respect the world has for his epitaph and last wishes? Will the society allow his privacy, honor, and respect be dishonored? Will it affect over 200,000 tourists that visit the place of his baptism and burial?” I also have to agree with Usiahon, for once, this is one casket that should not be opened.

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At 5 months with fair neck strength, I decided we should dress her up in her fancier clothes. Lol. The first fancy onesie, her Grandma Mely bought her, she immediately spat up on. Her next dress, another one from her Grandma, didn't last 10 minutes on as she decided to grab and eat it. Lol. This was her third outfit, which I bought for her some time ago, at least lasted a few hours on her. I wore a blue dress so we can match for a photo, but before we could, she already managed to drool all over her top. The day ended with her St. Patrick's romper, a favorite. I love dressing her for comfort, so she sort of have a more uniform, cute, casual look. I am impressed with moms who can manage an #ootd. Lol. #gamerchef did most of the dressing part and he has infinite patience. Afterall, the little one is a complete Daddy's girl. Onwards, your grandparents have been bugging me about your clothes, at least now we have a photo. But honestly, babies are babies. I think her organic cotton rompers and jammies are the ones she loves most. I keep on buying the same at a larger size. #babynarratives
The little one is 5 months old today. We had an incredibly challenging month to get here--sleeplesness, eczema, congestion, etc. But here we are, with a very active baby. She gained 650 grams in the past month, which puts her at 5.65kg. Whew, she's heavy. And she wants to be carried all the time, my poor back... I know some people advocate not carrying your baby because it spoils them, but you know what, she's not gonna be a baby forever. She's already flipping around the bed and before we know it she's gonna crawl and walk and run away from us. Right now, what we're fostering is a bond. And hopefully, through her bond with her parents, she will have the security and confidence to face the big, bad world. Speaking of the world, our comrades are out there protesting. Someday we will join them. I hope Leia grows up intelligent, compassionate, strong, and brave. I hope she will be able to make choices that are right, even though they are difficult, rather than sitting idly by for what is easy. The world is harsh and life is hard, so I hope she knows what is truly valuable in life, rather than spending her entire time looking for money and comfort. May she fight for the rights of the oppressed and downtrodden. May she find meaning and purpose in a life well lived. I hope she will stand for her country and her fellow Filipinos. But for now, she still needs to learn how to sit. #babynarratives
Part 2 of shopping for allergen-free food, this time at Healthy Options. Funny how rice is the most important ingredient for most gluten-free product. We got some rice and quinoa snacks, rice pasta, and rice milk! Lol. I'm just gonna have to eat more rice. Will also try this gluten-free cereal. The trickiest and spendiest part is the cookie. Lots of gluten-free options, but they would have nuts and egg... Lots of vegan options but they would have gluten and nuts. Frustrating. Until I saw that allergy friendly cookie box. But sooo spendy, so I can't indulge on that too often. Onwards to this journey. After which, I will have to slowly reintroduce such allergens to baby and to myself as well. For now, we're all about no dairy, eggs, nuts, and gluten diet. #babynarratives #breastfeeding
Received a call from @thevegangrocerph because they saw my ig post and realized that their staff sent me the wrong cream cheese. They accidentally sent me a nut-based one, rather than this coconut-based one. Mistakes happen and I'm glad they care to call and correct the situation. The little one really does not like nuts, good thing I have not opened it yet. Whew. Looking forward to opening this, the closest I can get to cheese for now. I'm happy to see this is locally produced as well, like most of their products. Hopefully, we can give little one time to strengthen her immunity so later she can eat all kinds of food. #babynarratives #veganph
Ok, two days of intense discussion and what feels like a small fortune--here we are. @thevegangrocerph is great, they patiently answered all my questions and guided me to the products I am looking for. No-dairy and no-eggs mean that vegan would be the answer. But on top of that, I was also looking for no-gluten and no-nuts. So ordering was a very complex process. What I've got here is bread (I NEED bread), edamame pasta, rice noodles, dark chocolate cookies, dark chocolate cake, and coconut cream cheese. All of them have no dairy, egg, gluten, or nuts. I am not going vegan, I am not even trying to lose weight. I am just trying so damn hard to produce allergen-free breastmilk to help my baby along. She had eczema and is displaying allergic reactions. I already cleaned up my diet but not completely, with snacks of things here and there. So here I am, a month later, determined to hit every single possibility. Exhausting, but I will try every damn thing I can. Let's see what we can cook up with this. I am sooo dependent on bread and pasta--cutting them off will be the hardest of all, not to mention the desserts! The mini cake, it is my belated birthday cake. Let's hope for the little one to defeat her allergies! #babynarratives #veganph #breastfeeding
Tried to give her a blanket because she might be cold, but she thought it was just a big toy. Lol. Stormy day with little one is challenging, but we did get some smiles. #babynarratives
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