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Art Appreciation Classes

Hi! We finally met. Here are some important links that you need: Art Appreciation Schedule of Activities Art Appreciation Syllabus For the ebook, you need to download it from my … Continue reading

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Syllabi for 1st Semester 2011-2012, St. Scholastica’s College

Art Appreciation Syllabus Art History Syllabus References/ Reading Lists are subject to changes depending on availability of books at the SSC Library.

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Toddler bed update. She woke up several times, but she didn't cry. She just went to me on my side of the bed and woke me up for a feeding. I put her beside me again but she woke up again shortly after. She went to the ref and asked for milk, so I gave her some from a glass. i was too lazy to set-up and wash a sippy straw. Struggled for a bit after coz she wants to walk around with the glass. Eventually dragged her to her bed again and she woke me up a few minutes before 8 for breakfast. I think this is working, sort of. This is her second night on a toddler bed. I hope she wakes up less, she seems to like it, most her life she slept in her own space anyway. Also, she did not fall off the bed! I think its instinct. Maybe? Did anyone here sleep train? How long does your little one sleep? #toddlernarratives
I know I've been posting loads but the transition from parallel play to cooperative play is just so fascinating for me. Indeed, not a baby anymore. #toddlernarratives
Her playschool faces. Lol. #toddlernarratives
My favorite series of photos from last week's playschool was the little one with her friends exploring the whale. This is an iconic sculptural play/slide of her playschool. Generations of children played there and they moved it when they moved to a new building. It is nice to see her be a part of her school's history. Also, I love how they are starting to interact with each other. I guess they are progressing from parallel play into collaborative play. They learn so much so quickly! #toddlernarratives
Totoo ang balita, masarap kumain sa Gubat! Masaya po yung bata, kaya lang hinawakan nya yung bagong lutong fried chicken kaya napaso siya. Hehe. Masarap din po yung tapa flakes. Enjoy sa pagkakamay. Messy, good fun. Mabait din and staff, kinakausap nila si Leia. May celebrity sighting din, si jlc, mabait naman at nagpa-picture sa ilang estudyante na nandoon. Hindi na kami nakisali. Mas ok dalhin sa kamayan ang aming bata, ayaw nya daw sa fine dining. 😂😂😂 #toddlernarratives
We turned the crib into a toddler bed a few days ago so we can use it again. We've been co-sleeping the past few months since I accidentally dropped her into her crib one time as she was getting too heavy for me. Another issue we had was her climbing, which I thought wouldn't happen until she's 3. With all the acrobatics going on, I thought it would be safer if she stayed with us for a while. Then, she just became more stable in climbing the bed and other things, I decided to just turn the crib into a toddler bed and see how that would go. She loved it. We hang out, play with the gang, and even read stories there. Tonight, I turned off the lamp and she led me there to sleep. Let's see how that goes. I'm afraid she'll fall off it. Also, what will happen when she wakes at 4-5am for her feeding? I really don't know. But fingers cross this experiment goes well. I am definitely not a fan of co-sleeping. We lasted over a year with her in her crib until the dropping/climbing incidents. Where did your baby/toddler sleep? #toddlernarratives