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midterm topics for special crime investigation

drug case investigation part 1 drug case investigation part 2 graft and corruption, falsification investigation INVESTIGATION OF KIDNAPPING FOR RANSOM mobs and riots investigation HOMICIDE INVESTIGATION

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for 2nd year crim

you’re supposed to download this on your own, but still: PNP history PNP introduction PNP ranks PNP symbolism

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for 3rd year crim

for questioned document examination and special crime investigation apparatus material definition principles informants and undercover operations interview and interrogation

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universal code of conduct

universal law enforcer’s code of conduct

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for ethics class

Perspectives of Ethics

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introductory notes in police ethics

start of summer!!! Ethics be ethical!

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security management topics for finals

canta paredes AmparoLesson23 FajiculayLesson24 Vergara ra 5487 and other security laws

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institutional and non-institutional correction

correction pillar probation for the cjs finals

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latent and standard fingerprint

latent fingerprint standard fingerprint good luck for the practical and written finals!

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Quarantine life with a toddler. She's running out of pages in her sketchbook. #toddlerplay #toddlernarratives
Noodle soup for Sunday evening. I hope for a bit of rainfall... Please...
I was excited to see what happened to the plants after yesterday's rain. After the typhoon, some plants sprouted. It was the same this time. Let me know of your thoughts! I'm just doing what I can with the resources we have on hand. I have not started with a compost yet, because I do not have an unused pail with a cover. (1) Tomatoes sprouted! At least I think these are tomatoes. I specifically remember putting them there and hoping for the best. Now here they are. (2) Honeydew melon are starting to sprout as well. I did not expect this and I honestly don't know what to do with them. Can they grow in a big pot? We just have honeydew melon and I took a shot by placing the seeds on soil. Now here they are. (3&4) I don't know if these are eggplants. They are growing where I placed the green bell peppers and eggplant seeds. But the bell pepper seedlings have pointed leaves, these are round. Or they could be a random plant that grows around here. Let me know if you have any idea. I am still drying some overripe eggplants. I don't really know how to propagate them as I do not have access to prepared seeds.
One year and one month later, she still loves these blocks! I guess they were right about open-ended toys? We can't rotate toys as Montessori suggested because we don't have the space. So we just arranged the toys that she does have in a low shelf. She rotates her toys herself, as she choses which toys to play with. Some toys stay ignored for days or weeks before being picked up again. We tried not to buy too much, though sometimes it still gets out of hand. Such is life with a toddler I suppose. Quarantine life means we make some new toys ourselves using paper, paper towel rolls, and random house objects. She still likes them. Oh, toddlers. #toddlerplay #toddlernarratives
Yellow plate. Tortilla de patatas with butter turmeric brown rice. Still in quarantine but grateful for the rain, at least my headache is now subsiding.
My first attempt at calamansi muffins. Needs some adjustment but #gamerchef liked it. I want to make it lighter, online recipe used sour cream and I substituted yogurt. I think whole milk should do, it is what we have here anyway. I miss the ones from Boracay. #baking