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midterm topics for special crime investigation

drug case investigation part 1 drug case investigation part 2 graft and corruption, falsification investigation INVESTIGATION OF KIDNAPPING FOR RANSOM mobs and riots investigation HOMICIDE INVESTIGATION

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for 2nd year crim

you’re supposed to download this on your own, but still: PNP history PNP introduction PNP ranks PNP symbolism

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for 3rd year crim

for questioned document examination and special crime investigation apparatus material definition principles informants and undercover operations interview and interrogation

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universal code of conduct

universal law enforcer’s code of conduct

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for ethics class

Perspectives of Ethics

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introductory notes in police ethics

start of summer!!! Ethics be ethical!

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security management topics for finals

canta paredes AmparoLesson23 FajiculayLesson24 Vergara ra 5487 and other security laws

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institutional and non-institutional correction

correction pillar probation for the cjs finals

March 17, 2010 · 1 Comment

latent and standard fingerprint

latent fingerprint standard fingerprint good luck for the practical and written finals!

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