Sendong Tragedies, Power of Images and Aestheticizing Suffering

A picture paints a thousand words. We heard that phrase numerous times in our lifetime. True to a certain extent. Yet, a thousand words may still remain silent on certain truths. Sendong typhoon sent netizens into a frenzy. The power of social media manifested again. In a short time, various organizations collected millions of Pesos … Continue reading Sendong Tragedies, Power of Images and Aestheticizing Suffering

Flaneur Going Down the Rabbit Hole

Playing the flaneur. I put on my Alice in Wonderland shoes to go down the rabbit hole. And for this, I receive a gift. A reward of Russian cookies. I have never attended Parangal sa Mag-aaral. I've received this award a number of times as an undergrad. But I took it for granted. Now, I want … Continue reading Flaneur Going Down the Rabbit Hole

am i beautiful?

will i be loved? or am i destined to be alone... never to be in a cluster. will i always be a marred beauty?

when you look to the sky…

do you see angels? who do you look up to? who do you see? is it true?

lake caliraya

as requested, here is the lake caliraya photo....

light experiment (raw)

light experiment. what do you think kids? took this from my new nikon d40 named scarbringer (long story how this new baby earned that name but scarbringer it is), my birthday gift to myself after a long time of dreaming for one. this was taken on a moving van on my way home from an … Continue reading light experiment (raw)