Philippine Digital Game: An Emerging Art Form

by: Maria Portia Olenka C. Placino video games philippines INTRODUCTION Digital games have always been a part of Philippine culture since home video game technology reached the country around the 70s and 80s. Atari as a home video game console is still remembered fondly by those who played them. “Pong” is a commercial success that... Continue Reading →

Pag-Akyat sa Kalbaryo: Evolving Local Voices

by: Maria Portia Olenka C. Placino INTRODUCTION Pag-akyat sa Kalbaryo (Dalitan) is a local community practice of the Lucbanins sponsored by the Dealo Family. The story is centered on the searching for the cross where Jesus Christ was crucified. This practice is a localized story of the crusades wherein the followers of Jesus Christ searched... Continue Reading →

Beyond Virgin Mary: Reclaiming the Female Role in Religious Performance and Imagery

by: Maria Portia Olenka C. Placino Religious imagery and practices have been part of the Philippine way of life from the pre-colonial time to the present. Through this time, various changes have occurred. Many would be unrecognizable to most Filipinos. Yet they still exist. The role of women in pre-colonial religious practices is publicly dominant... Continue Reading →

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