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Friday night was spent doing laundry, my machine sings when the laundry is done. Now, junk food and Gilmore Girls seemed appropriate for a lazy Saturday night. The past week was exhausting, so I'm having my manang moments in Seoul. I miss having burgers, too bad Big B (50% beef, 50% bacon) and Snack Shack is not here, their burgers are much better and so much cheaper. #burger #gilmoregirls #seoul Tomato and garlic pasta, or my version of pomodoro. Haven't bought parmesan cheese yet, its so expensive. And I cannot find fresh basil. But cherry tomatoes are everywhere here, so I bought some and cooked this up. Fresh cherry tomatoes are so sweet, perfect for this dish. Pasta for a lazy Saturday. #pasta #lunch #seoul Eva Kietzmann gave a short talk about her practice. I like her video piece on how benches are now designed so that people cannot comfortably sleep on benches anymore. It is something that we ordinarily do not notice, but there it is. Slowly, but surely, the poor and disenfranchised are being denied public spaces. Her commentary on the gentrification of Berlin is brilliant. Her art is discursive and not object-based. She made me miss the art discourse in Berlin. #video #art #gwacheon I would love to stroll along the lake in the museum grounds, but it is much too hot. Maybe when autumn comes, it will be more ideal. #art #museum #gwacheon The museum grounds in Gwacheon was wonderful. #art #museum #gwacheon Snapshot of National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Gwacheon. As I said, I envy. #art #museum #gwacheon
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