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Please e-mail me at contact@portiaplacino.com.

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    February 8, 2012

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Beef curry and some Sapporo beer. Cheers! #food #seoul #korea Curry lunch with the girls. Fun! #seoul #korea Daniel Stempfer's performance at MMCA Residency Goyang. Fun night! Great way to get rid of my headache and get a writing break. Also, quite the adventure, as I got left by the shuttle bus because I was waiting at the wrong place. Had to go back to get help, I had no idea where exactly I was and how to get to a subway stop. Goyang people are so nice about it though. Good thing Daniel took me to the bus stop that was quite far and got me on the right bus. A bit of a panic moment but overall quite funny. Sunday night adventure! Good news--no more headache! #art #performance #goyang #korea Jinsuk's old studio was turned into a VIP room. Lol. #art #goyang #korea Installation/ Performance by Koh Jaewook/ 고재욱. #art #goyang #korea Too bad most of the foreign artists have left the residency at this time. #art #goyang #korea
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