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Dearest Jill — An open letter to Jill Robredo and colleagues in media

You are only 13,  and I feel terrible how people seem to keep forgetting this fact when they speculate and report about the events surrounding the plane crash. When they show photographs of you and your sisters with your faces buried in your hands, when they upload photographs of you sobbing into the arms of your classmates and teachers who have come to bring you comfort. These visuals do not help at all and only show a lack of respect for your private pain.

via Dearest Jill — An open letter to Jill Robredo and colleagues in media.

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This entry was posted on August 21, 2012 by in Random Writings.



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Black rice bread. Tastes like puto back in the Philippines. #breakfast #seoul Before I head back, I found another stall for the strawberry mochi. And of course I bought another piece and took it home. I did enjoy Myeong Dong, despite the touristy atmosphere. The food carts are just starting to open by the time I left. Maybe I'll be back. #food #shopping #seoul Also tried the pomegranate juice. Have to admit, not as flavorful as the ones in Thailand and Vietnam, quite expensive too at 5000 won per small pack. #food #seoul This stall caught my eye. They sell strawberry daifuku, I love those. Fresh strawberry covered with bean paste and mochi. Pricey, but good. #food #seoul I'm really not a fan of shopping but this place is still interesting. People rushing about, shopping, eating, and even dragging luggage. People watching itself is fun. #shopping #seoul Myeong Dong Theater looks nnice i wonder if I can catch a show. Also, spot the cat. He's advertising for a cat cafe nearby. #theater #seoul
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