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Day 11, Home

I wake up with the sun in my eyes. My window with pink lace curtains greet me good morning. I stretched, taking in my cotton candy pink room in. It’s a sunny day.

I hug my beautiful tiger stuffed toy to start the day. I say hello to the ladies of the court, a.k.a., my lovely dolls. I step on the furry red carpet, squiggling my toes. I sit on my red cushioned stool and brush my hair in front of the looking-glass of the bureau.

I open my room and step out. I walk past the wooden display cabinets that accumulate toys and photographs. I peek at my Mom’s room to see if she’s still reading inside or if she’s already downstairs. Her windows are open, letting the light inside her light green room. Her book is left open but she’s no longer there. She must be downstairs having breakfast.

I walk down the stairs, letting my hand brush the varnished banisters. I stop for a while at the entertainment area to look out the window. The sun is really out and I see the cats sleeping atop the green net covering the flower garden. They really like that spot. I call out to them but they ignore me. I glance at the big tv, thinking if there is a morning cartoon I want to watch. Maybe the Big Blue House? Maybe not.

I continue downs to the second flight of stairs, longer than the last. The wood still cool to the touch. I stepped on the cold tiled floor and looked for my furry slippers before heading to the dining area.

I see my Mom having coffee and bread for breakfast. She greets me good morning and gets me a mug of warm milk and some more of the fresh warm bread. The dining table is of warm wood, covered with a thick glass. I see some mangoes at the end of the table and I pick one out. Mom sliced it up at the kitchen before serving it in a plate printed with pretty flowers.

My Mom start to prepare to go out and I sit at the living area, wondering what to do. Do I play with my dollies? Do I watch TV? Or do I get started on Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea? My Mom and I found a copy of it at the booksale. I look for it in the library.

I sit on the chair by the window and prop myself up with pillows. The sitting area is right by the window near the front of the house. It has good lighting, appropriate for reading. Mom start her day out and I am left alone to absorb the adventures of Captain Nemo.

I get hungry, but Mom isn’t home yet. I leave my book on the chair and make my way to the kitchen. I open the refrigerator and see some chocolates. I get some and I take it to the second sitting area near the garden. The garden blooms with different coloured orchids, appropriate for summer. In the rainy weather, the flowers hide but the leaves turn verdant green. For now, I watch the flowers bloom, butterflies flying around, cats sleeping.

I think to myself, should I continue Captain Nemo’s adventure? Or relax in play in the sun? After all, the sun is out.


For Day 11, I re-imagined my 12 year-old self wandering our family home. I just thought of this idea to describe where I lived when I was 12, as the prompt asked for. Admittedly, I wasn’t that particular about the length of the sentences, but I think there’s enough variation in there.


6 comments on “Day 11, Home

  1. finkelstein
    April 21, 2015

    You took me there. Great write, didn’t notice anything about short or long sentences that bored me. On the contrary, you lured me in. Thank you for this!

  2. pamtanzey
    April 21, 2015

    So lovely!

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Today's milestone is self-feeding! Yay! Love my spinach and peas edible rice teether. Nom nom nom! Tagumpay! #babynarratives #babyfood (Edible teether is Happy Baby Organics from @healthyoptionsph)
Happy birthday @hazgo88 !
The little one enjoyed her special quality time with her tita @cerulean_ciphers :) She enjoyed it so much that she passed out while waiting for our ride and she's still sleeping! Thank you for spending Saturday with us. Time is indeed the best gift, though the London haul is wow. Looking forward to our next food/chika/play session. #babynarratives
Baby food prep. Sometimes, I swear she eats better than us. Lol. We relied on take outs when the entire family got sick, but the little one always got fresh food. We're exploring grains, beans, and seeds now. Very healthy, low on the allergens, and non-gluten. She liked the lentils and millet, we're yet to give her the quinoa. On the menu today is lentils with cumin, as we decide to start giving her spices also. Hope she becomes a foodie like me and #gamerchef. #babynarratives #babyfood
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Motherhood changes you. Lol. Last month or so, I was ranting about special kind of assholes who hoard baby food. Today, I became that special kind of asshole. At least I won't have to stress about the little one's breakfast for some months. I sourced our last few boxes from friends. She usually eats home-cooked mashed vegetables, fruits, spuds, and grains. (I allowed the baby school to feed her sinigang once, but she did not like it. I think its a good sign.) Rice cereal is the easiest for breakfast. Once the little one wakes up, she will nurse for a bit, then look for solids. There's really no time to prepare or even heat up her food. And finding baby food that has no dubious additives, no added sugar, and minimal allergens is incredibly difficult! Avoiding eczema triggers is sooo not easy. So yay, she has a stock of food! I've been bugging @healthyoptionsph about this and the UP Town Center branch set aside my order for me when their stock finally arrived. #babynarratives #babyfood
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