The Search for Paradise

It's been a while since I've seen challenging films. I've been watching Hollywood-need-not-think ones because I've been thinking too much as it is. But going through my interdisciplinary elective, I am once again exposed to the world of challenging cinema. What struck me most was the Mike de Leon's Aliwan Paradise, a 1992 short film. I should... Continue Reading →

Mainstream and Independent Cinema Towards New Media: Reflections on film viewing and film making in the Philippines

by: Maria Portia Olenka C. Placino Filipino Film Viewing Culture Cinema in the Philippines started in 1895 right after Manila had its first electric plant installed thus providing an energy source for film projection. Señor Pertierra presented a series of stills and chronophotographs entitled Espetaculo Cientifico de Pertierra at his salon on January 8, 1897.... Continue Reading →

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