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Birthday Post Part 1: Starting September

I’ve been trying to go back to blogging without much success. I haven’t even published the first one that I wrote. (By the time I publish this piece, that piece would already be out! Am writing and scheduling posts, so I hope I get back on track!) But it doesn’t matter. I will continue to push, even one step at a time, until I fully get my grove back on. (Do people even use that phrase? Again, no matter.)

It’s a rainy night and instead of checking papers, I decided to write my birthday blog. I decided to take my blog on another direction and not just focus on academic works. After all, that is what journals are for. It doesn’t mean that I would turn my blog into narcissistic rants. It simply means that I want to write about the different aspects of my life, so I am not stuck on posting ephemeral statuses on Facebook.

Birthday dreams and wishes. From http://instagram.com/p/sv1rSbFbIh/

So, my birthday. My partner and I initially planned a grand celebration, a birthday-around-the-world kind of celebration. No, we couldn’t afford to fly around the world, so we made a list of restaurants and food places that we would try for my birthday month. That was before we found out that we actually had a lot of commitments for this month. So the next best thing is to make the best out of the days that we have free.

Department of Art Studies Faculty, September 2014 (Photo originally grabbed from Nap Rivera’s Facebook Page.)

My birthday month started with an exhausting General Education Workshop by the department. But the silver lining here is that I got to see my department work together, despite the debates, questions, and sometimes conflicting notions. Our department picture was actually very pretty, if I do say so myself. Young, energetic, and passionate.

“I did say I love keeping the tickets right? I also have endless programmes that I don’t have the heart to let go of. What I also loved about this concert is how they took the time to explain each piece to the audience. It was not just a beautiful experience, it was also an educational one. #concert #performance #dawani #chorale” http://instagram.com/p/soVyRyFbNf/

Our first activity for the month was watching the UP Dawani concert “Sa Dakong Sikatan”. UP Dawani is an all-female chorale of the UP College of Music. Krina Cayabyab, my co-teacher, invited me and Louise to attend, as she is performing with the group. It was an excellent performance. They performed pieces by South East Asian composers and all of it are very interesting. I particularly enjoyed “Bubuy Bulan” by Antonius Priyanto while “Sotto Voce” by Jonas Baes was quite challenging. Suffering in quite is something that resonates in me, though my experience is nowhere near the sufferings of the children of Cambodia. We also had the opportunity to experience “Veniet Dominus” by Ramon Santos, the newly awarded National Artist for Music. It was an amazing experience. It was our first time to enter the Church of the Risen Lord and it has some unique architectural elements. I remember how architecture in the 60s were inspired by space travel and CRL does reflect that. The conductor, Eudenice Palaruan, also took time to explain each piece that the chorale performed. As we are no music experts, such explanations are invaluable to the appreciation of the music and the over-all experience.  The rain added a personal touch rather than hinder the character of the music we were listening to. Ian and I enjoyed the evening and spending it with good friends–Louise and Melo, was the icing on the cake.

We were feeling peckish last night, so we flew to Spain to celebrate my birthday. (I WISH!) Lol. Cold, rainy night after the concert, we ended up at Sancho’s Churreria for some comfort food. We can pretend we’re in Spain while enjoying Spanish/Spanish-inspired food. #aroundtheworldformybirthday #dinner #30 (at Sancho’s Churreria, Maginhawa Street) From http://instagram.com/p/shZJdUlbHY/

The concert wrapped up late evening and we decided to go to Spain. Just kidding. We just went to Sancho’s Churreria for late dinner. Come to think about it, at around 10 in the evening, we were right on time for dinner, had we been in Spain, particularly Madrid. Well, I can’t say that they serve authentic Spanish cuisine, but maybe inspired by it. My favorite there is the beef and mushroom pot pie. There’s just something so comforting about an oven-baked pot containing beef and mushroom, dripping with gravy, and topped with mashed potato. Ian had a seafood dish that is not quite memorable, but not terrible. It was just ok. We intended to end the meal with churros but decided on a lighter alternative dessert–the brazo de mercedes. It was ok, fluffy on the outside, the custard filling was creamy, and it was just at the right level of sweetness. Over-all, we had comfort food on a very rainy evening, before heading home.


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Sometimes, Momma Kangaroo needs to take care of herself. Been sick and stressed, so its time for a cut. We found a magic window of time when bébé just finished nursing and there's an available stylist on the dot. So here we are. #babynarratives
Pssst! Pikachu, come here, I have something to tell you. Lol. Its nice to see the little one happily play. She's been irritable last week, and as her pedia confirmed yesterday, she has atopic dermatitis (eczema). Good thing the anti-histamine helped her. I've been worrying about her rashes and I thought we did something terribly wrong. All her clothes are cotton or organic cotton and washed with delicate detergent, her body wash js hypoallergenic, and she's exclusively breastfed. With a bit of poking around, turns out its genetic, she got it from her Dad's side of the family. The doctor said she may still outgrow this. Tomorrow, we'll be out shopping for skincare products specifically for baby eczema. I was advised to continue breastfeeding her and to exclusively breastfeed as long as possible, the pedia said it is her best hope of outgrowing this. In a way, it is good that it was diagnosed early, so it can be addressed. The greater fear is for the condition to develop into asthma, something we really hope to avoid. The stakes for continuing to breastfeed just got higher. Sigh. Also, I need to avoid food with high allergens, as it may trigger flare-ups. As for the environment, we need to constantly keep dust in check and keep the air quality as good as possible. Hopefully this may convince people that smoke such as those from katol is indeed very bad. We'll work through this hiccup. 1 in 5 babies are apparently affected with atopic dermatitis and most will outgrow it by age 2. I really hope our little one does so as well. #babynarratives
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You ARE your father's daughter. Lol. She fell asleep while playing. The little one attended my meeting with me. Then decided to pee, poop, poop, and poop, while her Daddy was changing her nappies. Suffice it to say that as challenging as today was, it was hilarious. #babynarratives
I got this catalog from the mail today. I miss Korea so badly... I wish I was able to see this show, but at least I got to see the catalog. Thanks @jpark782 and congrats @mark_salvatus #art #catalog #korea
The little one is 15 weeks old today... She's so active and she grew up so fast right before our eyes! She's having a bit of sleep regression right now, she can't seem to get back to sleep after waking up at 4-5 am. Still a good sleeper, considering, as she's in bed by 7pm. But rashes have begun to plague us, and we're still figuring it out. Our pedia thinks it might be allergic dermatitis, good thing we have a scheduled visit soon. Thank goodness I can text her anytime and send pictures through Viber. Her trunk, arms, and legs are affected. She already uses hypoallergenic soap, 100% cotton clothes, and her clothes are washed with gentle detergent. Next to check is the diet, as she only eats breastmilk, we are now checking MY diet. For now, no deep sea fishes, shrimps, or shellfish. I've already cut down on milk when she pooped watery green poop, especially with fenugreek, that I've also cut out. I ate peanut butter in the morning, and as nuts have high allergens, we're cutting that too. My goodness, this is not easy. We've also allowed a visit from the pet poodle the past week, so I'm cutting that again, just in case dander really irritates her. We'll just do a slow reintroduction of stuff once she gets better and older. So many worries, though the pedia told us not to be. Back to anti-histamine, amd hope we defeat the rashes soon! This is my last weekend as a stay at home mom and I'm still working on my syllabi for the upcoming semester. Whew. #babynarratives
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