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Food Adventures, Starting Out

Over the years, my love and fascination for food continually developed. This is especially true as I got to travel and experience a lot of different flavors. I don’t have enough skills to recreate everything that I’ve tasted in the cities I’ve been in, but experiencing the food is enough to make me imagine different flavors that I can actually try.

Judy Abbott wrote to Daddy Long Legs that “Life is monotonous enough at best; you have to eat and sleep about so often.” This is true enough. The way I see it, if we have to eat so often for nourishment, we might as well fight the monotony and make eating an adventure. It’s an adventure we can have everyday, or several times a day!

For most of us, we can’t afford to travel a lot, especially outside of the country. But if we are creative enough, we don’t even have to go out of our homes to experience the magic of traveling. We can simply prepare dishes that would take us back where we wanted to be. Each country, each city, even each district, would give us flavors and textures that would break the monotony and create an adventure.

I wish I am skilled enough to cook whatever I want, whenever I want. But that is not the case. Sometimes, certain cravings call for eating out. Though usually more expensive than cooking at home, eating out is also an adventure and a learning experience. Again, exact re-creation is not always necessary, as long as you enjoy it.

Posting about food receive so much flak lately. People get so angry at too much food stuff posted on Instagram or online in general. Some people assume that some posts are done for bragging or simply over-sharing. But food is a good thing. Its necessary. It nourishes, not just the body but also the soul. I truly believe that we should develop a more positive attitude about food and the experience of eating.

I want to start posting about food that I’ve had, in other places or in our area. Or even the food that I’ve cooked, recipes I’ve discovered or recreated. This blog isn’t about to become a cooking blog, but good food has been such a part of my life, that I don’t see a plausible reason why it shouldn’t have a part here. So, I’m going to start now.


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Little one eating carrots. Lol. We gave her some big slices just to see. I also gave her several bites of my chocolate earlier and it may have been a mistake because she loved it. It was 88% dark, vegan, and gluten-free, you have to be careful with dark chocolate as most commercial ones would still have dairy and other additives. She eats better that us, I think. Today, it was rice cereal for breakfast, stewed cinnamon and nutmeg apples and pears for morning snack, spiced quinoa for lunch, nutmeg pumpkin for afternoon snacks, and carrots for dinner. I eat her leftovers and damn, they sometimes taste better than the adult food. She also eats rice puffs and rice crackers with her medicine. Good thing she still eats well despite her illness. Sigh. Onwards little one, Daddy caught you on video this time. #babynarratives
Reading kind of morning. Today is your grandfather's birthday, I wish he got to see you grow up and read books like that. You're lucky your Daddy gets to read to you like that little one. #babynarratives
My Valentine. (We're not really fond of this holiday, except for the cake. We'll see if we can get an allergen-free cake last minute. Lol. This time of the year is too commercialized for us to enjoy.) #babynarratives
Walking, walking; walking, walking; walk, walk, walk; walk, walk, walk... Had to get the house cleaned, then this happened. So cute. The journey to walking begins with a single step. Lol. #babynarratives
Clingy little donut and exhausted Daddy. Lol. Extremely clingy week, with cough, colds, and a tiny little teeth trying to break out. #babynarratives
We can't go out and we're too tired to cook. So we ordered a feast. Lol. Let's try again next year. Yet little one still has fresh food, been introducing her to spices, more aggressively this time. And she gobbled them right up. Yay. #gamerchef
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